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Ruby on Rails Agency Czech Republic

Ruby on Rails

  When it comes to developing there is no shortcut to success. Your code needs to be correct, neat, effective, readable — perfect. And that is exactly the way Jupiter Development operates. We are Ruby on Rails Agency from Brno — Czechia with tens of professional experienced developers all based in central Europe within the European Union.

Ruby on Rails Czech programmers


Our agency is based in Brno, which is the second-largest city in the Czech Republic after Prague with 380.000 inhabitants and many universities yielding technical students every year. The region is saturated with talented people interested mainly in IT and technologies. Brno is also a relatively “cheap city” so living there doesn’t require overly high income. This creates a perfect opportunity for outsourcing your
development to us.

Perfect code — low rates — talented people — packed with awesomeness


Ruby on Rails


Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a REST (Representational State Transfer) oriented programming framework perfect for constructing lean web applications aimed at flexibility during development. It is perfect for the fast and agile growth of the code. Czechia and Brno host many senior developers in Ruby on Rails.

Jupiter Development


We are deep RoR enthusiasts with many years of experience under our belt able to deliver you perfect code in a fraction of time and with a fraction of the cost compared to western Europe and US Ruby development agencies. Quality and effectiveness is our priority.


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Hiring Czech Ruby on Rails agency in 4 steps

“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” — Jim Collins

Call with CEO


We schedule a call with CEO David where you outline your expectations from us

Describe your project


Set your goals in the highest detail possible so we can fit your expectations. We sign your NDAs too.

Select developer/s


Conduct interviews with RoR developers and select which suits you the best so the work can start

Work starts


Your selected developer/s start working on the project

Challenges when outsourcing to other countries


I. Law and Security
The main challenge is mostly centered around the law and security. You need to be sure that the code is developed in a safe environment with no chance of it leaking out. Communication channels need to be bulletproof, coders must obey strict security protocols making the code resistant to hacking. Also, the Ruby agency you work with must be trustworthy, and even if you trust them NDAs and other documents ensuring your privacy and safety should be signed.


Jupiter Development is based in the Czech Republic in a heart of the European Union, which ensures easy law enforcement within the EU and developed world. We aim at the maximum trust between us and our clients. We will sign your NDAs and obey your security standards. JD is also protected by robust liability insurance.


II. Communication
Perfect communication between a client, and their Ruby on Rails developer is crucial. We use various tools to allow our customers to effectively communicate and monitor their developers remotely. We can also send developers to your location. Brno has an international airport and is close to Vienna and Prague international airports as well.


Some tools we use for smooth communication and driving the processes are Slack, Whereby, Trello, Google Workspace, and Jira.

Slack Whereby Trello

Google Workspace Jira

Why choose RoR agency Jupiter Development?


We easily start working on your new project or continue working on your current project as quickly as possible. Thanks to the fact that our senior Ruby on Rails developers are professionals in their fields the work progresses fast with clean and is easy to modify code. Jupiter Development is a Ruby agency you can count on. Check out some of our past clients.

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