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Hire Top Ruby Developers from the Czech Republic

  Developing your Ruby on Rails project remotely from Czechia brings many advantages. The one which comes to mind first is the cost. Czech Developers are not cheap, but you will save up to 2x or 3x the cost when you outsource your programming team to the Czech Republic compared to the UK or US. Will the quality be the same?

Czech programmers

Yes, if not better! We in Jupiter Development agency are working with the best of the best Ruby on Rails developers from Brno and Prague to guarantee you saving your money & time. A most skilled senior developer will save you money by making their work quickly with a clean code you can easily edit in the future.

Challenges When Hiring From a Foreign Country

The biggest challenge which comes to mind is not having your Ruby programmer sitting behind a desk in your company. But do you need the physical presence of the developer? We are using remote tools like Whereby, Google Workspace, Slack, Jira, Trello and many others to streamline the communication in the smoothest way possible between you and your Ruby developer making you in charge.

Slack Google Workspace Trello

Whereby Jira

Another challenge may be the secure storage of your code. Jupiter Development practices the most solid security measures to keep your data safe. Our Ruby programmers code on encrypted MacBooks from the company headquarters in Brno or remotely from home. We can provide you with a standard contract, which includes NDA, all intellectual property rights protections and other necessary documents to ensure the safety of your data. We also have liability insurance covering the whole world, including USA. So your data are protected.

European Union

Czech Republic is a developed country with a solid rule of law based on its EU membership. This can’t be said for example about Ukraine which is otherwise a cheap option for finding developers. Having your Ruby developer based in the Czech Republic ensures safety, reduced cost with easy access through International Airports in Brno, Prague, or Vienna — we send our developers to New York or San Francisco to meet their clients. Our clients can visit us any time.

Cost of Ruby Developer Team from the Czech Republic

Senior Ruby programmers are 2 to 3 times cheaper than devs from the US or UK. Here you can see our rates.

How the Hiring Process Works

I. Contact us using the form above
II. Our CEO will schedule a call with you
III. We sign NDAs or other necessary documents
IV. You pick a developer or developers from our team

With our premium service included for free, you get access to the tools necessary to monitor the performance of our Ruby developers. Your project will be in good hands.

Startup Cities in the Czech Republic

Brno Offices
The 2nd largest city in the Czech Republic — Brno

We work with Ruby developers mainly from Brno — the second largest city in Czechia with vibrant tech & startup culture.

Some of our team is located in Prague where many other huge companies are based — namely Red Hat, SAP, or Expedia Group. Brno and Prague are great options for finding talents in IT.

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John - 29.11.2021 12:50
Having a team located in the Czech Republic made it much cheaper compared to UK-based firms and much safer than with Indian- based developers. It Czechs all my boxes. Cheers John

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