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Hire Top React Developers from the Czech Republic

  Hiring React programmers from Czechia is one of the simplest things under the sun. The Czech Republic has a long history of making apps in React and the rates are great. Don’t be left behind and hire us by completing the above form.

React background

React JS

React JS (React.js) is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook , which became the leading tool for developing mostly front-end web applications. Facebook, Inc. isn’t the only entity developing and maintaining React. It is a community of single developers and other companies too. 

React Native

React Native was created by Facebook soon after the creation of React JS. It is an open-source framework for mobile development. You can make apps for Android, iOS, macOS, Android TV, and others.


It is obvious that React is a clear-cut choice for web and mobile development. If you are building a new app or you must maintain or extend your current project we can help you with hiring top senior React developers from Brno, Czechia — European Union.


Pros & Cons of Hiring from abroad off-site

Pros Cons
Wide selection of candidates Communication could be challenging
Better outcome for the same money
No need for a space in your office

How to Overcome Communication Throttle


The biggest challenge when hiring an off-site and even foreign React developer is maintaining a solid communication channel with him. We in Jupiter Development use a whole palette of tools to make communication and watch over work progress seamless.


IRC-like chatrooms, direct messenger, and private groups management.

Google Workspace

Cloud-based tools made by Google aimed at productivity and collaboration. Includes managed email accounts, Google Drive, documents, and more.


List-making tool based on lean management approach called Kanban.


Another product development tool for tracking issues based on agile project management.


Video meetings made easy. Includes video chat and capturing of a computer screen.


Pros of picking React developer from Jupiter Development


Our aim is to find you the best of the best senior React developer who fits your use case the most. By using the tools above you place him (or her) into your team easily with zero effort, track his progress, and communicate with him anytime you want.


Brno, Czechia
Brno, Czechia

We are based in Brno, Czechia which is a European Union city with 380,000 inhabitants, with many technical universities, and a student-like approach to living. Its vibrant IT scene with many technological companies based here like Kiwi, RedHat, Expedia, or SAP makes it a perfect place for your off-site development team.

Brno is located an hour and a half driving from Vienna and two hours and a half from Prague and has its own international airport. We have no problem with you visiting us or your rented developers visit you anywhere in the world."


The biggest pro of having a developer in an Eastern European country like the Czech Republic is the cost. You will save up to 2x - 3x of the paycheck with zero competencies lost. Czech React developers are sharp and easygoing people with great English skills.



If you are thinking about hiring a professional Czech React developer you can contact us to get more information about our rates and testimonials. Also, you can always check our article about the best websites for hiring React developers which we have made for you to pick the right React pro.

Hiring could be a tedious process full of traps. We in Jupiter Development have a lot of experience with connecting the right people so you can focus on the important stuff and leave the coding to us.


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