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How to Hire a New Developer or Agency for Your Existing Ruby or React Project

“Dating and hiring have a lot in common.”
— Scott Wintrip


  Imagine a situation when you have a web app project in Ruby on Rails, React JS, JavaSript, or other frameworks or programming language, and you want to change a developer, add a new one to your current team, or change the whole team altogether. What would you do to ensure a smooth transition?

React and Ruby on Rails background

We have many clients that want us to continue with their current projects or add a new developer to their team. Fill the form above and we will help you get it done the right way.



Procedure When Hiring a Web Development Agency Like Us


First, you present us with your project and tell us something about it. You can show us your website and what it aims to achieve. We don’t need to know any specifics or sensitive information. If you think that we must sign NDAs first there is no problem in doing so. Usually, the NDAs are signed in the beginning when the new undeveloped project or idea is presented by the client.


In Jupiter Development the process of helping our new client with an existing project looks something like this.


I. We should know your motivation


What motivates you to look for new developer/s? From our experience, client’s motivation is usually one of three things. He wants to maintain an existing app, he needs to switch the team or add a new member into a current team.

1) Maintenance of the app

You need to maintain your current app — update libraries, update the working environment, or audit the security. We do this very often. We will get your current code up to date and ensure everything works how it should be with no hidden surprises.


2) You are not satisfied with your existing development team

Life is a choice and sometimes you don’t choose the right developers. Maybe you’ve picked some cheaper unexperienced foreign development team or the current agency isn’t capable of communicating with you properly. That’s another reason to switch to us. We are based in the EU and our hard and soft skills are top-notch. Just fill the form above to get in touch.

“If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”
— Chinese Proverb


3) You look for new member/s to add to your existing team

The third option is that you have a core development team, developers from different agencies, or maybe a mix of everything, and you want to add a new member to your existing team. This option is the most common amongst our new clients. They just want to add a new soul to their project for them to get things done faster — to add more functionalities to the project. That’s why we will help you find the best fit for your current team to make it more efficient.



II. We need to know your technological stack


Before we continue with selecting developers we should know what technologies you are using. Is it Ruby on Rails as a backend and React as a frontend? Or do you have a different setup? We need to have a rough idea of what technologies you are working with.

React JS Ruby on Rails JavaScript

Elixir HTML Python


III. Do you need a part-time or full-time developer?


You as a client are aware if you need a dedicated developer that will work only for you, or you need a part-time web app developer which is not fully committed only to your project. The choice is up to you. We will help you to get things done either way.


IV. Picking the right programmers


Now, when we know about your requirements, the focus is to find the best developer for you and your project. We have tens of developers working exclusively for our agency in offices in Brno, Czechia for clients in San Francisco or New York and other major cities. Ultimately, it is your final decision on who to choose so we will present you the best of the best — top 5% available developers. We have advanced tools for hiring them or you can test their abilities by yourself. We are ready to assist you.



This was a summary of hiring a new developer or team for your current running project. All roads lead to Rome and even if you have a very specific case we will do everything to lead you toward your success. If you want to be the best you should work with the best.

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