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How to Find a Senior Ruby on Rails Developer in 2022

“As a business owner or manager, you know that hiring the wrong person is the most costly mistake you can make.”
— Brian Tracy

Why do you need Ruby on Rails?

  Ruby is a programming language that offers many benefits in combination with a framework called Rails. The biggest advantage of Ruby on Rails is using REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture which means that the source code emphasizes logical structure in apps so the API (Application Programming Interface) is easy to make. It also advocates Agile web development which is more than appropriate for making more complex web-based applications.

Ruby on Rails background

Web applications are constantly changing with the environment so you need a flexible development tool to stay on track with your project and don’t waste your time reprogramming everything when a change is needed. Ruby on Rails is the right choice for quick and effective iterative development.

Junior Ruby Developers

Ruby on Rails is not so widespread framework so finding the right developer is the key to deploying it the right way. Junior developers usually have 0 - 3 years of experience with Ruby.

Senior Ruby Developers

Times goes fast in web development so programmers which could be considered as senior developers work in Ruby on Rails for 4 - 6 years. That’s where you are aiming for. Finding the right senior developer is the key to successfully start or continue your current web application. Finding the best senior programmer is the key to the success of your application.

Ruby on Rails programmers

We Take It From Here

If you have a project in Ruby on Rails we will give you one or more of our highly trustworthy senior Ruby on Rails developers we have as long-term employees who will clean your code and continue developing the application in the most professional way possible. You don’t want to lose time & money with average developers. We offer the best of the best — top 5% of Ruby on Rails developers in the market.

Ways to Find s Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

I. Freelancing Websites

There are several massive freelancing platforms that offer thousands of freelancers specialized in many fields. Finding senior Ruby on Rails developer on them is possible. You write about your project and freelancers bid on it. Then you choose the right one for your needs.

Toptal     One of the most trusted freelancing platforms with many Ruby on Rails programmers.

Upwork     Freelancing website with over 8 million users offering vast IT services.

Freelancer     Huge marketplace for low-skilled and high-skilled freelancers from many fields.

II. Ruby on Rails Agencies

Jupiter Development     Ruby on Rails agency with many experiences serving market leaders.

Clutch     Business-to-business directory which offers a list of agencies including Ruby on Rails agencies. is a small, but specialized Ruby on Rails B2B directory which connects programmers and companies.

III. Headhunting

You can always hire a recruiting agency to find you your senior Ruby on Rails developer or try your luck and find him yourself. The best tool for doing so is in our opinion LinkedIn. You will need a premium account to be able to contact individual programmers. The problem is that this process takes a lot of time and you are in a worse position when dealing with the developer who is usually employed somewhere.

LinkedIn     Social network for professions that offers a way for finding and contacting senior Ruby on Rails developers.

LinkedIn Ruby on Rails programmer
LinkedIn profile of a senior Ruby on Rails developer

Finding the right trustworthy senior Ruby on Rails programmer could be a tedious task that takes quite some effort. If you want to save yourself the hassle you can always contact us and hear out our offer. You can do so by filling the form above.

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